Strange Marketing Ploys

I wonder why the huge mark-down?

I was browsing a beauty supply one evening when I came across two of the
most unusual products I've ever encountered. Well, I'd found a
color-laxer (wha...?) and a package of hair, but that isn't the strange
part. The weirdness of the products was how they caught my eye.

The first was the color-laxer, a product that apparently straightens and
colors the hair simultaneously. I'd never heard of a product like this
before, has anyone else? Regardless, I definitely didn't feel the urge
to try this one! I can only imagine the wallop of damage this could do
to the hair...

The second product was a package of hair specifically for sewn-in styles
by the name of M.O.M. Hair. No biggie yet, right? Upon further
inspection, the packaging bears an illustration of an African-American
woman doing a girl's hair, pressing it maybe? The particular type of
hair on the package in the photo below is called "Oprah". Oh really? I
suppose when I'm perusing the aisles for a pack of weave that I'm apt to
reminisce on the days that Auntie fired up the pressing comb to give me
that straight and silky look. Yeah right, this package just made me
shake my head. Whatever.

Thanx for reading my blog!

The Trotter is bright (:Þ)


Anonymous said...

Great Blog!! Cute story about your bird on your shoulder.

You should make mix CDs, your playlist is great!!!

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