Hello beautiful nappies! Hope you are well! I have lots of good news and
updates to share....where, oh, where to begin....

I'll start here-OBAMA! Even though he was officially announced the
Democratic nominee days ago, I'm still super-amped. Its just
unbelievable to me-I never would have thought I would have seen a Black
man so close to presidency in my lifetime. God bless him and this

On to more good news. I am 17 weeks pregnant! My boyfriend, Greg, and I
are expecting a baby in November. My OB says he's 80% sure its a girl
(hey Shanon, he's the best!), and if so, she will be our little Malia
Gisele. I get so lost in my daydreams of sweet little curls, braids,
twists, and puffs. I can't wait 'til she's here! :)

Looks like a "yes" to me...

Our baby @ 7 weeks

Greg and I celebrated an anniversary in April, and I had the cutest 'do!
I did twists in the back with flat twists rolled into a half-bun on top,
secured with a decorative clip. My sweetie treated me to a professional
photo shoot followed by dinner at the Melting Pot, yum!

Love this 'do!

Me and the boyfriend, can you see him peeking while he's driving?

I also experimented with new eyeshadow colors that turned out wonderful!
I usually stick to neutral colors, and I really didn't think these
colors would work for me. But whaddya know, I loved how my makeup turned
out. A really special look for a really special day. Thanks, hun!

I love these colors!

Last week, I noticed my ends were very knotty and detangling in the
shower was taking way too long. Time for a trim. I put my hair in 16
twists and took off about ½ an inch. I thought it was kinda neat how the
ends puffed out into little pom poms! Took about an hour from beginning to end.

The photo below reminds me of the kid from Kriss Kross....

Have good days!
The Trotter is bright (:Þ)


SGRHO2004 said...

Love the blog...I'm a nappy myself & also from the STL. I was looking for an idea of how to trim my ends. Thanks!

Mei-Li said...

Congrats on the baby! I am going to send this post to my mother to show her one can clip their own ends. I did the same thing and she is super skeptical.

Afrodite said...

I know I'm extra, mad late but congrats on the baby!

Lovely Lady Luxe said...

Congrats on the baby, girl!... Oh!...and I'm loving the eyebrows! FIERCE! Do you do them yourself?

BrightTrotter said...

Thanx! Nah, I didn't do my eyebrows. If I remember correctly, I got them done at a nail salon. Had the worst breakout around my eyebrows, though :(.