Simply sewn-in!

I see a bump!

Hi everyone!

Summer is in full effect here in St. Louis, and I've opted for an easier-to-manage style--the sew-in. For those who may not know, a sew-in is a hairstyle that is achieved by attaching extensions to your own hair with thread. I love rocking this style because I can wear any type of extension: straight, curly, wavy, whatever! And since my hair is tucked away beneath the tracks, daily damage to my hair is non-existent. I could even wear a completely different color without having chemicals strip my hair.

Here is a breakdown of the sew-in process:
1) Start with clean, conditioned hair. I make sure to do a deep condition before getting a sew-in, because it will be about a month or two before I'll be able to do it again.
2) The stylist will begin by parting and cornrowing your hair. The braids can be straight to the back or in a pattern that will accentuate the type of extensions you've selected.
3) Next, the extensions will be cut to fit your scalp and sewn in with thread using a simple stitch. The stitch will begin under your braids, then come over the track and repeated to secure it in place. A needle shaped like the letter "C" prevents any injuries. (Usually, the thread and needle can both be purchased at the beauty supply where you get your hair.) This continues until all of your hair is covered.

Can you see the braids?

4) The stylist finishes by applying any necessary finishing touches (an extra stitch here, a quick snip there) and styling the extensions. Top it off with oil sheen and you're good to go!

My daily hair routine is abbreviated by half the time. I just flatiron the tracks and comb it into place. The only product I'm using right now is ORS Olive Oil Sheen. I bought human hair, which is more durable, withstands high heat, and stays looking great, longer.

In the morning, about to flatiron the 'do. My bangs are clipped out of the way until the end.

There are some downsides, aren't there always? As with most styles involving extensions, there is some tightness to be expected. This time, the discomfort lasted about a week before the tracks loosened up a bit. And the itching, ooohwee! I combat this by spraying oil sheen onto my scalp or using alcohol soaked cotton swabs for the really itchy spots. The last unfavorable about this style is that washing or rinsing is not recommended. Wet this style at your own risk! Washing may result in tangled, dull extensions and loosened stitches. Swimming may result in the same effect.

Readers, what has been your experience with this style?


Lovely Lady Luxe said...

You did a very good job! Even though I'm a natural/kinky/curly chick, I'm still a sucker for a good weave! lol!

BrightTrotter said...

Thanx, but I can't take credit for this 'do. I owe my thanks to my "firrrre" stylist, Ms. Lanae! Hey girl!